Padideh Shimi Gharb Company intends to attract 3 experts with the following characteristics in order to provide the required manpower in the field of CRM:

1. Gender: Male

2. Age: 25-35 years

3. Mastery of content production software

4. Have sufficient skills in ICDL

5. Proficiency in using Excel software at an advanced level

6. Having skills in establishing and maintaining customer relationships

7. High flexibility and a spirit of cooperation

8. Be compassionate, committed and hardworking

9. Fluency in English (at least intermediate level)

If you wish to cooperate, please complete and submit the following form:

Form of employment in the phenomenon of chemistry

  • name:
  • last name:
  • father's name:
  • Date of birth:
  • Id:
  • National Code:
  • place of birth:
  • City:
  • marital status:
  • Service status:
  • Education status:
  • University of study:
  • Major:
  • Date of obtaining the last degree:
  • Related work experience:
  • resume:
  • Proficiency in English:
  • Level of computer language proficiency:
  • Your employment during this period will be three months on a tri
  • Monthly requested salary (Rials):
  • Hourly requested salary (Rials):
  • E-mail:
  • Phone Call:
  • Addresses and contact numbers

  • Address:
  • Landline phone number:
  • Mobile Phone Number:
  • Identifier name:
  • Description:
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