Organizational identity


Founded in 2012, Padide Shimi Gharb Co., a holding company of Paddie Shimi Paydar and a subsidiary of Golran Industrial Group, was established to meet market demand for sulfonated products

Phase II – Expansion

At the top of the agenda for phase II of operation was an annual production of 45000 tons of detergent powder. With substantial developments and expansions made to the production unit, the company`s annual capacity now stands closest to its objective, at around 30000 tons. Production of liquid detergents, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals.

Zanjan production site

The in-progress Zanjan project was set in place to expand the company`s domestic market and export rates of raw materials.
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  • 2022

Phase I – Commence Operation

Relying on its executives' expertise and its employees' unflagging hard work, Padide Shimi Gharb Co. commenced operation in September 2013 with an annual production capacity of 16500 tons in raw material for acidic and alcoholic products. Thanks to its premium-quality products, the company quickly garnered a considerable loyal customer base. PSG Co. has since expanded its annual production capacity to over 32000 tons.

Production of detergent, cosmetic and pharmaceutical liquids

In phase three, Padide Shimi Gharb Company No. 2 commenced operation in 2019 focusing on liquid detergent, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical products. The initial annual capacity for the new production line stood at 3000 tons which the company delivered in detergents under the brand name PSGPro. This unit has since been expanded; it currently produces 10000 tons of liquid detergents per year.

Organizational identity

Padideh Shimi Gharb Company is one of the subsidiaries of Safflower Industrial Group. It was established in 2012 with the aim of producing sulfonation products. Relying on the knowledge of the managers of this company and the unremitting efforts of the employees, this factory with an annual capacity of 16,500 tons was put into operation in October 2013 and due to the high quality of its products, it quickly attracted loyal customers. In the second phase, the production of detergent powder with an annual capacity of 50,000 tons and a sulfonation unit with a capacity of 13,200 tons were put on the agenda, both of which are currently active.


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Founder: The late Professor Haj Mohammad Karim Fazli

Chairman of the Board: Dr. Mehdi Fazli (Managing Director of Safflower Industrial Group)

Vice Chairman of the Board: Engineer Seyed Mohammad Baqer Fazelian

Managing Director: Engineer Babak Babajanzadeh


Number of production sites: 3               Number of employees: 418 people